How to Surprise your Kid on his Birthday?

Everyone loves to be surprised on their special day. But surprising kids are always being a fun. My son birthday is coming soon and I have planned so many things to surprise him. Surprise him on his birthday is something to make a memorable day for him. Here below I’m going to share my ideas with you.

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Luxury Bath: When I was a kid I love to do so. You just need to decorate the bathroom with some fresh flowers, bring a soft drink in a fancy glass and play some light music. And now enjoy the bath with him for more than half an hour is a good idea to surprise him.

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Hide a Surprise Note:  Make a sweet and decorative note and hide it below your kid’s pillow. Instead of notes, you can also hide magic show tickets. So when he will see it gets surprised.

Kidnap Him from The School: Without his knowledge just pick him from his school and go for a picnic like visiting a zoo or some water park. This is really surprising for your kid.

Decorate His Room Silently: When your kid is sleeping or going out to attend the school decorate his room with balloons, candles, flowers and special gift. His will be amazed to see this.

Stuff his Pocket: Surprise him with his favourite candies and chocolate. Just put them in his school bag. When he feels a little hungry and find the candies he like most, he will fill with your love and affection.

Invite his Friends: invite all his friends in the evening without telling him. Celebrate a birthday with friends will make his day memorable.

Plan an Outdoor Party: You can book a celebration hall or take your son to some tourist place on his birthday can really surprise him. Kids always love outings. Take help birthday party organisers in delhi .

Organize a Pizza Party: Kids are fond of pizza. Pizza is all time favourite among the kids. Surprise him with his favourite pizza with coke. You can organize it anywhere, either in a restaurant or at your home. Don’t forget to invite his friends and siblings.

Surprise with Superhero: every kid love superheroes. Surprise him to gift a superhero toy like Spider-Man, Batman etc.

These are a few ideas I really think that I should share with you. Above all these ideas are also pocket-friendly. You can make lots of fun on his birthday.