Make your little Superhero’s birthday memorable with our Birthday Party themes

Your little toddler is growing a year older. And you should celebrate this in grand style. But more importantly which theme should you decide on. Not something old and boring for sure. Why not something entirely new altogether. We present you the most innovative ideas in town for boy birthday party theme ideas which will leave you amazed.

  • Jungle Book themed party

Jungle Book themed party

It will be a great chance for the kids to go bananas! An animal themed cake, adorable accessories such as Sippycups, bow up toys and print sunglasses – all based on the theme would add a spark to the party. Adding a tunnel, beach balls, hula hoop and a kiddie pool would be a great idea for kids to play and run around.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean Party

Captain Jack Sparrow is here to save the day.You can let kids let their imaginations run wild with a Pirates of the Caribbean themed party for your child’s birthday. Items such as a flag shaped invitation, a creative pirate ship, decorative caskets, desserts and even telescopes to entertain the children.

  • European/ American themed party

Who doesn’t want to travel around the world? Pick your child’s favourite country/ city in Europe or America and organise a part based on the culture of that place. Australia would have kangaroos, wildlife, beautiful sunsets and barbeques.  An England themed party would have pictures of the London Eye, a tea party, the Queen and so on.

  • Harry Potter themed party

Who doesn’t love Harry?  This is a great chance to leave them in awe with customised wands, dresses and games.  Let them explore the world of Harry Potter and Alice in the Wonderland. Hire a magician to leave the kids enchanted. It is the perfect combination of fun and flair.

  • Superhero themed party

Superhero themed party

Every child has his favourite superhero – whether it is Batman, Spiderman or Superman- whom he wishes to emulate. Why not make them feel as special? Get creative with putting your child’s photograph at the top of the cake in a superhero costume. Assign a superhero to each guest at the party and encourage him to show off his powers.

  • MasterChef themed party

Children love food. What’s better than giving them a chance to make their favourite kind? Arrange tables and hire a professional to teach your kid to kid to make cookies, cakes, frosting and even pizza. This will go a long way in him learning about food. Make sure there are no sharp utensils around.



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