Birthday Party themes for your little princess!

Your daughter is the apple of your eye. She deserves the best. She has grown a year older. And you want to throw a party of her dreams. We suggest something new, something different. Let’s make this year her most memorable one. We give you a list of girl birthday party theme ideas.

  • Favourite Princess Party

Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess with a tiara and beautiful ball gown. Why not make their dreams come true by hosting a party she adores? Allow her and her friends to dress up according to their favourite princess. Someone might become mermaid, another one might like to be Jasmine or even a Fairy. They will all share great moments that they will remember for years to come.

  • Picnic at the nearby Park

If your daughter is fortunate enough to have her birthday in the warmer months, organise a picnic party at your local park or playground. Make some great sandwiches and burgers, bring some picnic blankets and let the kids play on the swings and slides. Enlist some of the other parents to help keep an eye on the kids and make sure all of the kids help clean up any litter before you leave.

  • Frozen Movie theme

If your daughter is still gripped by Frozen fever, then host a Frozen themed birthday party! There are many Frozen themed party decorations still available at many stores in India and you can even buy a Frozen themed birthday cake.

  • Cupcake Baking & Decorating

Organise a fun pancake party with lots of different decorating props. The kids will love creating yummy cupcakes they can bring home and show their parents! It’s sure to be a couple of hours of fun!  Cupcakes bring the brightest smiles.

  • Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

If the party must be indoors, try to spark the imaginations of the kids by hosting a fun Alice in Wonderland Themed Tea Party. Use food colouring to dye sandwiches all sorts of mad colours, you can use an inexpensive plastic tea set and even rent some great entertainment!

  • Sleepover Party

If you’re limiting the guest list to just a few close friends, why not skip the party and turn the celebration into a fun sleepover? Rent out some movies, order pizza or prepare some great party food and have some ice-cream or popcorn on hand. Let the kids bring sleeping bags and let them all bunk up in the living room. Truly a memorable night.


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