Types of food to serve at kid’s birthday party

One thing that you cannot ignore in your kid’s birthday is the food that you are going to serve. There are certain things that you should keep in mind while setting up the menu. It should be as healthy as possible, try keeping things that do not stain clothes much and many more. This article will give you certain things that you can serve at your kid’s birthday party.

  • Food on a stick- this is one of the best way to present things. Some kabobs on a stick are wonderful for guests of all ages. It is easy to carry (advantageous while playing) and also easy to eat (hands don’t get dirty). You can vary the food on the stick but this way won’t fail you ever.
  • Mac and cheese- this is another dish that will never disappoint your little guests. This is a healthy snack just perfect to be included in the menu of you little one. To make it even healthier you can choose whole wheat macaroni and cheese made from low fat skimmed milk.
  • Deli sushi rolls- are you one of those who want things to be unique? Then you are going to absolutely love this dish. Basically you roll up all the ingredients in a whole wheat bread and then serve them with innovative dipping or with the trusted soy sauce. There are recipes all over internet for you to try from.
  • Mini grille cheese- this is the dish where you can slice down your cooking time drastically. All you need is a little pre party preparations. Butter up and toast breads before the party starts and then all you’ve got to do is to cover the bread with a slice of cheese and place it in the oven. Once you are ready with the dish, you are all set to get the title of favorite uncle/aunt amongst your kid’s friends.
  • Decorate your own dessert- if you are dealing with kids, you can even take advantage of their creativity. Give them icing and let them decorate their own cake. This will keep them engaged and also they will love to eat their own creation.

Contrary to the normal belief it is not that difficult to decide what to serve in your kid’s birthday party. You can hire PartySharty birthday party organizers in Delhi . With a little research and planning you can make it a successful event and that too without any hassle at the last moment.





The ever-growing kid’s party expenses

The modern era has brought about many changes in lifestyle and routine. One of the biggest changes that can be seen amongst the majority of families is the celebration of kids birthday bash. The modern era has offered the lot many changes in the lifestyle and one of it being the extravagant parties. Extravagant parties, too much frequent parties have become a lifestyle. Whatever may the occasion be, extravaganza has become so much in fashion.

Parents these days are now indulging in extravagant birthday parties for their kids. The kids wait for the entire year to celebrate this day with great enthusiasm and their parents leave no stone unturned to fulfill their wishes and demands.

Birthdays for kids are being celebrated with an array of arrangements, sumptuous snacks, and dishes, they hire a photographer for prim and proper and elaborate photo shoots. The panoply of lavish arrangements and décor is done especially by the event managers just for this day. Even the kids celebrate their birthday bash grandly. Parents also hire best Birthday Party Organisers in Noida . The spectacular décor nowadays is generally mind-blowing. A massive birthday party is for kids’ glam up their day. It becomes so much fun and exciting for the children too. The parents too need the feel to celebrate an elaborate and massive birthday bash for their children so that they can cherish these memories forever.

Moreover, the goody bags that are the return gifts; is also an important part of the birthday parties. The children, who are invited to the birthday parties, get so excited when it comes to the giveaway of return gifts. Choosing return gifts and other goodies are as important as any other task of arranging the birthday party. The kids’ goody bags can be filled with chocolates, toys and other games. This lavish habit has linked happiness with money.

Another part of the kids’ birthday bash is entertainment. Magicians, clowns, DJs, and music have been incorporated in the parties. Kids always enjoy such entertainment. A magician and a DJ party add so much fun to the kids’ birthday bash. Kids never go overbore by such entertaining programs. Also at the same time, use some time by making the kids play various games. Also, involve their parents in playing games with them. Kids truly enjoy such things.

While making any arrangements or deciding the venue, always ensures that a parent your budget is completely sought out and you are completely and fully prepared to throw a lavish and a massive birthday bash for your child.


Small list of decorating the house for kids’ birthday party