Celebrity Kid’s Birthday Parties which leave impact on you

Birthdays are fun whether it’s your child’s birthday or a celebrity child birthday. One thing in common is that both the stars and the commoners wait the entire year for their children’s birthday party. Rest depends on what and how you can plan the party.

Who says that the stars are just like us? A big nod to those who say this! When it comes to your child’s birthday party planning, you will not leave a single penny to create and curate magic on the big day. Though hold similar for the celebrities too but their party will surely leave you slack jawed. To your astonishment and bewilderment, you will find the most and highly expensive star studded birthday parties for the celebrity kids. And here stars mean literally. They hire Birthday Party Organisers in South Delhi  for making birthday special. Half of your would not have even imagined that how star studded affair a birthday party becomes. When it comes to a celebrity kid’s birthday party, you will go ga-ga over the kind of arrangement you see, something that none of us would have ever imagined.

  • All of you must have talked about fairylands but you will actually see a big fairyland in many of the themed parties.
  • Jumper house or a bouncy house, ferris wheel, all are staged with high voltage drama to entertain the guests who are attending the party.
  • Whos who of the town and industry are included in their guest lists.
  • A massive karaoke is also staged with performing artists to entertain the guests and the children.
  • Sumptuous food and gourmet foods for adults are set up so that they too can enjoy.
  • Their goody box is a huge one, containing all sorts of goodies and chocolates and other gift items that would surely make your child’s day.
  • Famous magicians are called to stage the magic show and to make the birthday party hilarious and fun.
  • Excitement doesn’t end here. Some celebrities held kids fashion show at the birthday parties. Dressing up the kids in brands and other dressy attire made them look cute and chic. This is a fun element with a start studded birthday party.

From themes of decoration to huge layered cakes, everything is in sync with the party arrangement when it comes to a start kid birthday party.