Frozen Theme Birthday Party Ideas For Your Kid

The frozen movie is popular among the young ones.It is the famous movie by Walt Disney.  Every child wants their birthday in the theme of frozen it is especially famous among girls who want to dress up like Anna and Elsa. If you want to give your child a creative and feel them like frozen so get help Birthday party organisers in Delhi & avail following frozen theme party.


When you are arranging frozen theme party it means there will be sugar in large quantity so you can use marshmallow dipped in a coloured cream sprinkle with the blue colour sugar to give the look of frozen with that sugar trifecta.


Frozen punch is as easy as a normal drink in which you can pour blue colour juice or you can also use fizzy soda and add in it a blue colour to make it more special with the use of the sprinkle of some amount of snow in a large glass.


Using this theme by Birthday party organisers in Ghaziabad, you can make the party more different by using regular snack into jelly-like shimmering ice cubes that will give life to your party as it will give the look of blue ice blocks which every child can eat and make it more excited for them.


We all know that children and adults love to cheese.In this, Birthday party organisers in Gurgaon can also show your creativity by making the face of Olaf on the cheese sticks which make them more attractive among the children.


A frozen theme party is incomplete without snowballs. These are the sweet treats which are made of white and blue colour used of rice crispy bite which is crunchy and sweet for the children.


Snowflakes are pretty decorating for Birthday party organisers in Noida’sfrozen theme party, and you can also bake the snowflakes cookies which give an amazing look in the party. It is also easy to bake by pre-rolled the cookies dough and give the shape of snowflake.

How to plan a surprise birthday party

To maintain a secret is very tough. If the party is to be kept a secret, it becomes a more difficult job.

Throwing surprise birthday party needs a good amount of planning. And asking for help from another person to pull off the surprise is a good idea. One has to convey this message of surprise party to every guest verbally or telephonically so that the secret of the party doesn’t leak out.

While starting for the preparations, one needs a theme and the party will revolve around it. Deciding a theme is of vital importance and it is different for different age groups. The younger members love a colorful story and cartoon theme, while adults can be satiated by happy themes and some may like bold themes. Older members can relate to movie themes or a theme related to their favorite hobby.

The guests can be asked to dress accordingly and be a part of the bang. The planning regarding food and activities to entertain the guests should be planned ahead. The budget of the party decides how many guests can be invited. The party location should be carefully selected keeping in mind the easy accessibility.

The surprise you have planned for the birthday boy or girl may surprise you if he is unable to attend so choose a time and date that works for the honoree as well as most of the guests. The party can be successful even if you throw it a day in advance.

Plan to serve food and drinks at a party according to the time. Evening party works best with cookies, cupcakes, drinks, and appetizers. But the dinner time and lunches, guests will expect a meal.

At last, the honoree has to be brought to the location of the party. For doing this a friend or a family member can escort him/her to the party by making some false story. All the guests will jump out and yell, “Surprise!” on the entry of the honoree. This is the best moment and adrenaline rushes through one’s blood and the exploding confetti, balloon bursts etc. gives major excitement.



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Why should you celebrate a birthday party for toddlers?

Celebrating a birthday for the toddler is a joyous occasion for the parents and hence it is a dream of every parent to celebrate it with full zeal and enthusiasm. Celebrating birthdays give you loads of memories to look back later and create a positive regard in the mind of the child for his/her parents as well which lasts a lifetime. There are several birthday party organisers in Delhi who can help you in organizing the best birthday. Here are the best reasons for selecting one.

They would help you with the decoration

Birthday party organizers can help you in selecting the best decor that would mesmerize the guests. They would select the best materials and take your ideas into consideration as well.

They would send out invitations

You can give them the guest list and the invitations would be sent out to the invited people. Invitations are prepared with the best efforts.

Good food choice

The best caterers shall be selected and the taste of the guests shall be kept into consideration before selecting the menu. Your preference shall also be taken into account along with special consideration for kid’s food.

The best music for kids to enjoy

The DJ would come up with music that the guests specifically the other kids would enjoy.

Last but not the least; you would be able to give your full attention to your toddler without worrying about anything else as the rest of the things would be taken care of.

Therefore do ensure to select the best organizer. You can find the reviews about the best organizers online and compare the prices. Select the one that gives you a reasonable price range. Also, make sure that the team you select are amiable and punctual.  You should be able to coordinate with them beforehand so that you do not end up in any last minute hassle.

The payment method should also be discussed in order to make the payment hassle free. Your toddler would surely thank you later for the efforts you put in for the birthday bash. Definitely, your guests would thank you too for all the fun they have. Make sure you ask the cameraman to capture the best moments and then create a beautiful album. This write up would surely give you an idea to go about it. Hope you have a splendid time.

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How to celebrate your kid’s birthday under 5k

Being a middle-class family it is hard for us to plan a luxury birthday party for my son. He is just 2 years old. I think this is the time when we can save some money for his future. As nothing is like that which he will remember. Moreover, for him, we are his friends and everything. Then spending too much money to celebrate his birthday is like we are wasting it. To celebrate the occasion and that too within our budget I have planned something to make it all under 5k.

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Joint Birthday Party:

It might be possible that someone in your friends and family also plans to celebrate the birthday of their kid. Both of the families can plan to celebrate the birthday together. This will not only save your hard earned money but also creates fun for both kids and adults.

Zero Cost venue:

Booking a party hall is a burden on your budget. You did parties in celebration hall but how it is if you choose a zero cost venue like some riverside area, a hilly garden or zoo. I’m sure you will love to a spent hour in the valley of nature. Kids also enjoy the outing.

Trim the List:

Become a Decorator:

Never think of hiring a decorator who cut your budget with heavy charges. Kids are so pure and your simple effort in decoration makes him or she feel something different. Add some colourful balloons along with little budget decoration are good to create an ambience.

Make your own Theme:

The theme party is also in trend now. But instead of hiring a party planner you can create your own theme for the kids. Kids always love craft. Some glue, colour and craft papers make the kids busy with their activity. You can also make a theme of playing some school time games like musical chair, hide and seek etc. Just add some music and lets the kids and children rock with the beats. For this purpose,  you can hire PartSharty birthday party organiser in Delhi .

Drinks and Eatables:

To cut down the cost serve food and drinks just after the cake. Doing so will not feel your guest like an empty stomach.




How to Surprise your Kid on his Birthday?

Everyone loves to be surprised on their special day. But surprising kids are always being a fun. My son birthday is coming soon and I have planned so many things to surprise him. Surprise him on his birthday is something to make a memorable day for him. Here below I’m going to share my ideas with you.

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Luxury Bath: When I was a kid I love to do so. You just need to decorate the bathroom with some fresh flowers, bring a soft drink in a fancy glass and play some light music. And now enjoy the bath with him for more than half an hour is a good idea to surprise him.

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Hide a Surprise Note:  Make a sweet and decorative note and hide it below your kid’s pillow. Instead of notes, you can also hide magic show tickets. So when he will see it gets surprised.

Kidnap Him from The School: Without his knowledge just pick him from his school and go for a picnic like visiting a zoo or some water park. This is really surprising for your kid.

Decorate His Room Silently: When your kid is sleeping or going out to attend the school decorate his room with balloons, candles, flowers and special gift. His will be amazed to see this.

Stuff his Pocket: Surprise him with his favourite candies and chocolate. Just put them in his school bag. When he feels a little hungry and find the candies he like most, he will fill with your love and affection.

Invite his Friends: invite all his friends in the evening without telling him. Celebrate a birthday with friends will make his day memorable.

Plan an Outdoor Party: You can book a celebration hall or take your son to some tourist place on his birthday can really surprise him. Kids always love outings. Take help birthday party organisers in delhi .

Organize a Pizza Party: Kids are fond of pizza. Pizza is all time favourite among the kids. Surprise him with his favourite pizza with coke. You can organize it anywhere, either in a restaurant or at your home. Don’t forget to invite his friends and siblings.

Surprise with Superhero: every kid love superheroes. Surprise him to gift a superhero toy like Spider-Man, Batman etc.

These are a few ideas I really think that I should share with you. Above all these ideas are also pocket-friendly. You can make lots of fun on his birthday.




Birthday Celebration and Plan The Party For Kids

For kids, their birthday is the most awaited day of the year. It is more important than any other holiday. As a parent, you cannot be neutral in this case seeing your child’s excitement. You should not leave any stone unturned to turn this special day into the most memorable day for your child.

You should never miss planning your child’s birthday party. Since it not only makes them happy but it also helps in the overall development of your child. It boosts their confidence. They feel cared by the presence of people around them. Once a year let them feel like they are the center of this universe.

You should plan their day from morning to night. You need to be extra active that day. Blow a bunch of regular balloons while your child is asleep and cover the floor with balloons to see that bright smile on their face when they wake up. Send them to school in a decent dress and send some sweets with them for their friends.

Now it’s time for you to plan the party!

First of all, you should decide on the theme. You can pick up a theme of butterfly, bubbles, barbies, superhero, princess, Avengers etc. For selecting the theme you should know about your child’s interests.

Then it’s time to choose the cake according to the theme. Either you can bake the cake or you can go to bakery store to get the cake. If you have chosen princess theme then get your child a pink Barbie cake.

Book any banquet hall or you can throw the party at your home itself. Decorate the hall according to the theme. Fill it with balloons, streamers, and many appealing things.

Then invite all your kid’s friends, your relatives, and family. Keep the timings in mind. Choose the appropriate time so that your tiny tot gets time to relax after the school hours. Dress up your child like a celebrity on their special day. Cook some delicious food. Also, make arrangement for the dinner as your child would love to show off in front of their friends by being a royal host.

Plan some interesting kiddy games for the children like musical chair, passing the parcel and many more. Hire Party Sharty birthday party organisers in Delhi , NCR. By doing this these things you will definitely make your child feel proud of his parents. He/She will feel much loved. Thus make the day most memorable and beautiful by doing all favorite things for your child.


What are the best fashions for organizing a children’s birthday? Take help of Organzier!!



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Planning for your child’s birthday just became easier!

As we get older most of us seem to shy away from announcing to the world our actual age, forever knocking off years and giving anyone who reveals our age the death stare, but in your younger years birthdays are to be celebrated and rejoiced! With children’s birthday parties getting bigger and bigger each year, the pressure to provide your little ones with the most amazing party can be pretty daunting at the best of times.

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Your child’s birthday is a special day that no one can take away from you, it is your one day where you can put yourself first and not feel bad about it, but when you’re as little as five what does that matter! To kids, birthdays are a day where their parents’ let them eat sweets, birthday cake and they get to have fun surrounded by balloons and brightly colored decorations all day long.

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  • Keep the theme relevant

With each birthday party tailored to each individual child’s favorite thing whether it be girly pink unicorns or an explosion of footballs and ninjas, how can you make your little one’s special day one to remember?The theme is one thing, but keeping up to 20 kids under the age of 12 entertained for a couple of hours is a totally different matter, and that is where the reinforcement comes in. Children’s entertainers are a fantastic (if not necessary) addition to any children’s party as they get all of the kids involved and keep them giggling and smiling for the entire party.

Go for a Princess Impersonator!These real-life princesses will dazzle your child and their friends as they sing a theatrical medley with five or more characters. With Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Tinkerbelle, The Little Mermaid, Anna and Elsa and Rapunzel all invited to the party, they’re guaranteed to be a hit at your little one’s birthday

  • Bring some Magic!

Hire a artist through us! A hilarious multi skilled children’s duo who will not only get the kids laughing but will even appeal to audiences of all ages. Incorporating magic, ventriloquism, circus tricks, hilarious sketches and much more, this comedy act will entertain your children for hours on end. The perfect addition to any themed children’s party, our circus duo is highly interactive, engaging and extremely funny, making them an ideal entertainment option for all kid’s parties.

  • Give children a gift they remember!

One final treat before the party draws to an end, party bags are an exciting present for all the children to take home with them, offering little mementos of the party as well as providing a nice gesture to thank your guests for coming.

Contact Birthday on Call, the best birthday planners for the most exquisite entertainment you will ever see. Our experience and creativity come to the fore to make each and every party unique as well as memorable. Our prices are so reasonable that in the end you end up saving money.

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Here are some few birthday party ideas where you can make her birthday special:

Pool party: Arranging a pool party can be fun for girls as they get to feel the soothing water and play in it. Make it fun for the girls by playing some good music.

Rain Dance party: Arrange a rain dance party for your teenage girl and invite her friends to have some fun with the beats of good music. Make some nice snacks to complete the party.

Karaoke party: Arrange a karaoke party and allow your teen to sing to their heart’s content. They would enjoy and you can buy a beautiful Barbie cake for the kids to enjoy a lot.

Movie night: Arrange for a big projector at home and play their favorite movie with the help of Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi. Let your child and her friends choose from the variety of movies available and make it a fun night to remember.

Art party: A messy art party can be fun. Arrange some good art projects and get lots of paint and paint brushes for your kid and her friends to bring out their creativity on the canvas. They can also use their fingers to paint. Arrange for some colorful mocktails to make it more fun.

Costume party: Allow the children to come in their favorite costumes. Teenage girls like to dress girly. Let them bring out their creativity and keep a prize for the best costume.  Ask them to act the character they have chosen too.

Jewellery party: A jewellery party would be the best for teenage girls. Buy some raw material for the kids to make some nice bracelets, earrings, necklaces out of them and then gift it to the birthday girl. You can play some fun music in the background so that they can dance their time out and also get some fun snacks to snack on. Later on, they can make the birthday girl try out the jewelry they made and click a picture together.

Ice cream party: Get some ice creams of different flavors. Ask the kid to mix and match the flavors and come out with their own flavor.  Arrange some good snacks along with it as well.

Use these fun ideas to make your teen’s birthday party memorable.

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The fun keeps rolling for Kids’ birthday

Birthday parties excite kids in a way nothing else can! Kids hop, skip, dance and do all kind of fun activities with their fellow friends. Party Sharty Birthday party Organisers in Delhi know and understand this very well. This is why they provide exceptionally good birthday party organizing facilities and services. Some of them are briefed below:

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Clean and tidy catering services for delectable food! The dishes are served beautifully which attract kids more and more.

Photographers capture the moments in a professional manner. Who would not want to get the best memories in the form of motion and still pictures? Therefore, organizers provide professional cameramen who are expert in their fields. They know how to capture the pictures of kids who just refuse to stand at one place.

birthday party organisers in delhi

Exceptional decorations are other things which pump up the vitality in birthday parties. As kids enter the party venue, what they first see is the room embellishment. Simple balloons and crape papers on walls have become old school now! There are new things which are attracting kids these days. The professional decorators know the tips and tricks to provide easy and alluring decoration for kids; they provide theme based decorations like starry nights, ice-cream dreams, candy shops and a lot more.

Yes, children are hard to tame rebels! This is why organizers have party hosts. Their experience and expertise know how to manage the kids without being rude to them. Party hosts are also best entertainers. They manage games and other activities with finesse. This helps parents a lot. By having a host, they become free from the burden of managing the little guests.

Important Advice

There are many other things that are to be kept in mind while deciding on kid’s birthday party. The top thins is to try and keep a venue in the open area. Children love space as they feel free in the open areas. Try to keep the party arrangements either in the garden or a big hall. The ample space makes sure that no one gets suffocated being stuffed in small rooms. Also, this prevents the house becoming extremely dirty after party. Keeping party in the lawn or garden ensures that one does not have to do hard labor for cleaning the ‘after party mess’.


Fairy and Magic Themed Birthday Party

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Creative Ways to Celebrate Birthdays with No Money

In metro cities cost of living is very high. When it comes to organizing the birthday event in Ghaziabad, the cost is a major concern. Whether it is a small function or a big event, you need to spend a lot of money. If you raise the budget you can have the good event. With the low-cost budget, it is difficult to organize the party creatively. You are lucky that now you can hire birthday party organisers in delhi who can plan low budget parties in creative ways. Still, you are not sure to hire a company then follow the following tips.

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Work on the guest list

The first thing is to reduce the list of guest. If you invite everyone then it is going to cost you double. Invite your close friends and relative, don’t call unnecessary people.

Make the cake at home

The cake cost is high as we all know. You can prepare cake at home or can ask any relative or friend for the favor. You can take the help of youtube for baking a nice cake.This way you can save money on the cake.

Timings of the party

Consider the birthday timing as evenings like 3-7 pm or 4-8 pm. These timings are perfect for snacks. There are huge varieties of snacks you can prepare at home. Or if you want to include a dinner then follow a traditional birthday dinner which can be served in your budget.


People have become lazy nowadays and generally book a decorator. Well, you can decorate the venue with some creative craft like balloons, banner prepared at home etc. There are thousands of decoration ideas you can get from youtube and Google.


There is no need to get physical invitations. Now in this digital era, you can invite your special guest through e-invitations. There are many online websites from where you can design creative invitation online free of cost.

Book an event planning company

There many event organizing company who offer good services. They have various packages that fit all size of the budget. Do not hesitate to share your budget, these companies have business tie-ups and can save your lot of money.

These tips will surely cut down the lots of costs. I am sure you can have a decent birthday party by following these ideas.