Birthday Party Organizer in Delhi

How to celebrate your kid’s birthday under 5k

Being a middle-class family it is hard for us to plan a luxury birthday party for my son. He is just 2 years old. I think this is the time when we can save some money for his future. As nothing is like that which he will remember. Moreover, for him, we are his friends and everything. Then spending too much money to celebrate his birthday is like we are wasting it. To celebrate the occasion and that too within our budget I have planned something to make it all under 5k.

Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi

Joint Birthday Party:

It might be possible that someone in your friends and family also plans to celebrate the birthday of their kid. Both of the families can plan to celebrate the birthday together. This will not only save your hard earned money but also creates fun for both kids and adults.

Zero Cost venue:

Booking a party hall is a burden on your budget. You did parties in celebration hall but how it is if you choose a zero cost venue like some riverside area, a hilly garden or zoo. I’m sure you will love to a spent hour in the valley of nature. Kids also enjoy the outing.

Trim the List:

Become a Decorator:

Never think of hiring a decorator who cut your budget with heavy charges. Kids are so pure and your simple effort in decoration makes him or she feel something different. Add some colourful balloons along with little budget decoration are good to create an ambience.

Make your own Theme:

The theme party is also in trend now. But instead of hiring a party planner you can create your own theme for the kids. Kids always love craft. Some glue, colour and craft papers make the kids busy with their activity. You can also make a theme of playing some school time games like musical chair, hide and seek etc. Just add some music and lets the kids and children rock with the beats. For this purpose,  you can hire PartSharty birthday party organiser in Delhi .

Drinks and Eatables:

To cut down the cost serve food and drinks just after the cake. Doing so will not feel your guest like an empty stomach.