birthday party decorations

Planning for your child’s birthday just became easier!

As we get older most of us seem to shy away from announcing to the world our actual age, forever knocking off years and giving anyone who reveals our age the death stare, but in your younger years birthdays are to be celebrated and rejoiced! With children’s birthday parties getting bigger and bigger each year, the pressure to provide your little ones with the most amazing party can be pretty daunting at the best of times.

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Your child’s birthday is a special day that no one can take away from you, it is your one day where you can put yourself first and not feel bad about it, but when you’re as little as five what does that matter! To kids, birthdays are a day where their parents’ let them eat sweets, birthday cake and they get to have fun surrounded by balloons and brightly colored decorations all day long.

birthday party decorations

  • Keep the theme relevant

With each birthday party tailored to each individual child’s favorite thing whether it be girly pink unicorns or an explosion of footballs and ninjas, how can you make your little one’s special day one to remember?The theme is one thing, but keeping up to 20 kids under the age of 12 entertained for a couple of hours is a totally different matter, and that is where the reinforcement comes in. Children’s entertainers are a fantastic (if not necessary) addition to any children’s party as they get all of the kids involved and keep them giggling and smiling for the entire party.

Go for a Princess Impersonator!These real-life princesses will dazzle your child and their friends as they sing a theatrical medley with five or more characters. With Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Tinkerbelle, The Little Mermaid, Anna and Elsa and Rapunzel all invited to the party, they’re guaranteed to be a hit at your little one’s birthday

  • Bring some Magic!

Hire a artist through us! A hilarious multi skilled children’s duo who will not only get the kids laughing but will even appeal to audiences of all ages. Incorporating magic, ventriloquism, circus tricks, hilarious sketches and much more, this comedy act will entertain your children for hours on end. The perfect addition to any themed children’s party, our circus duo is highly interactive, engaging and extremely funny, making them an ideal entertainment option for all kid’s parties.

  • Give children a gift they remember!

One final treat before the party draws to an end, party bags are an exciting present for all the children to take home with them, offering little mementos of the party as well as providing a nice gesture to thank your guests for coming.

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