How to plan a surprise birthday party

To maintain a secret is very tough. If the party is to be kept a secret, it becomes a more difficult job.

Throwing surprise birthday party needs a good amount of planning. And asking for help from another person to pull off the surprise is a good idea. One has to convey this message of surprise party to every guest verbally or telephonically so that the secret of the party doesn’t leak out.

While starting for the preparations, one needs a theme and the party will revolve around it. Deciding a theme is of vital importance and it is different for different age groups. The younger members love a colorful story and cartoon theme, while adults can be satiated by happy themes and some may like bold themes. Older members can relate to movie themes or a theme related to their favorite hobby.

The guests can be asked to dress accordingly and be a part of the bang. The planning regarding food and activities to entertain the guests should be planned ahead. The budget of the party decides how many guests can be invited. The party location should be carefully selected keeping in mind the easy accessibility.

The surprise you have planned for the birthday boy or girl may surprise you if he is unable to attend so choose a time and date that works for the honoree as well as most of the guests. The party can be successful even if you throw it a day in advance.

Plan to serve food and drinks at a party according to the time. Evening party works best with cookies, cupcakes, drinks, and appetizers. But the dinner time and lunches, guests will expect a meal.

At last, the honoree has to be brought to the location of the party. For doing this a friend or a family member can escort him/her to the party by making some false story. All the guests will jump out and yell, “Surprise!” on the entry of the honoree. This is the best moment and adrenaline rushes through one’s blood and the exploding confetti, balloon bursts etc. gives major excitement.



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