Kids Birthday Party Games – Game Ideas and Activities

Kid’s birthday parties are incomplete without fun games and activities. Cakes and gifts are the major attraction of the party but the party will be dull if kids don’t play any games. If you have exciting games for kids, they will be entertained and enjoy. We advise you to hire some party planning expert like Partsharty for the birthday party entertainment activities and games. They are the popular Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi and specialize in kid’s birthday party event planning and management.

It is advised to keep such games which are not much competitive rather kids should enjoy it. The children don’t understand the concept of sportsmanship hence they will not enjoy too much competition. When you think of simple games for kids than you can have relay races, dress up contest, fun hunts, musical chair, etc. Games and activities are dependent on whether even is indoor or outdoor. If you are having a kid birthday party in the lawn or in the garden, then you can opt for games like races, baseball, badminton, etc. If you want to have some unique and creative games then you can blindly trust on event management company Partsharty. For more than 10 years, they are in this industry. They are experienced and can hold some exciting games and activities.

There are many kids who do not like to participate in the games, for them you need some backup. For them, you can have craft activities, some music, puppet show or magician to entertain them throughout the event. Birthday party or any event, you need to take care of the guest. It is not advised to keep games that involve lots of physical energy. You can choose games like pin the ball on the donkey or anything else that will not drain kid’s energy. We have huge list of activities and games like

  • Gun shooting
  • Bubble machine
  • Fishing game
  • Puppet show
  • Art & craft
  • Ball pool bouncy
  • Battery operated cars and bike
  • Magic show
  • electric train
  • Nail art
  • Juggling
  • Bow and arrow
  • Dart game and so on.

The list of games and activities are unlimited. Kids of all age group have different taste and preference in games and activities. Only an experienced company can organize the kid’s birthday party with exciting games and activities.  You can also share your kid’s taste for games so that they can organize accordingly.

Tips to keep the child’s party a showstopper

Parties are always fun and when it is a birthday party its double the fun! Birthday parties have always been the ones kids look forward to eagerly each and every year. To make it a rocking event and a surprise one too, lot of themes can be incorporated in the party!

There are many favorite things the kids love. From colors, cars, superheroes and the list are endless. Each and every year the themes can be changed according to the age and taste of the children. The following are some tips to keep the child’s party a showstopper!

  1. Themes- the selection of themes is the most important part of a birthday party. It might be anything such as favorite color, cartoon characters, superheroes etc. all the decorations and the cake should be designed along the idea of the theme.
  2. Location– the location where the party is going to be organized is crucial. It will be great if the party happens at the kids’ favorite picnic spot, his/her favorite restaurant. The menu can also comprise of their favorite dishes.
  3. Activities in the party- a variety of shows or games arranged to interest the kids will be a good option. Magic shows or puppet shows where stories that interest children can be enacted to hold the interests of the kids.
  4. Outdoor activities- small interesting games like treasure hunts can also be included in the games for the party. The birthday boy/girl can be the most active participant or the person who has to collect the maximum treasures. Gifts can also be hid which will make it more interesting.
  5. Indoor activities – apart from the shows, games like Tambola, hangman can be played and the winners can be awarded with presents later.
  6. Nature themed party- parties that allow kids to explore nature can be arranged. They can let their gardening skills to come into use. Small saplings and other plants can be asked to plant by them in their own house. The plants can be given away as return gifts to them!

The party can be a sure stunner when all the above ideas are incorporated in a kid and pocket friendly way too! So, if you want to hire any birthday party organisers in Delhi, then you must contact Partysharty! The chocolates and the cake are the things the kids are going to be worried about though!!


Birthday Party themes for your little princess!

Your daughter is the apple of your eye. She deserves the best. She has grown a year older. And you want to throw a party of her dreams. We suggest something new, something different. Let’s make this year her most memorable one. We give you a list of girl birthday party theme ideas.

  • Favourite Princess Party

Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess with a tiara and beautiful ball gown. Why not make their dreams come true by hosting a party she adores? Allow her and her friends to dress up according to their favourite princess. Someone might become mermaid, another one might like to be Jasmine or even a Fairy. They will all share great moments that they will remember for years to come.

  • Picnic at the nearby Park

If your daughter is fortunate enough to have her birthday in the warmer months, organise a picnic party at your local park or playground. Make some great sandwiches and burgers, bring some picnic blankets and let the kids play on the swings and slides. Enlist some of the other parents to help keep an eye on the kids and make sure all of the kids help clean up any litter before you leave.

  • Frozen Movie theme

If your daughter is still gripped by Frozen fever, then host a Frozen themed birthday party! There are many Frozen themed party decorations still available at many stores in India and you can even buy a Frozen themed birthday cake.

  • Cupcake Baking & Decorating

Organise a fun pancake party with lots of different decorating props. The kids will love creating yummy cupcakes they can bring home and show their parents! It’s sure to be a couple of hours of fun!  Cupcakes bring the brightest smiles.

  • Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

If the party must be indoors, try to spark the imaginations of the kids by hosting a fun Alice in Wonderland Themed Tea Party. Use food colouring to dye sandwiches all sorts of mad colours, you can use an inexpensive plastic tea set and even rent some great entertainment!

  • Sleepover Party

If you’re limiting the guest list to just a few close friends, why not skip the party and turn the celebration into a fun sleepover? Rent out some movies, order pizza or prepare some great party food and have some ice-cream or popcorn on hand. Let the kids bring sleeping bags and let them all bunk up in the living room. Truly a memorable night.


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Make your little Superhero’s birthday memorable with our Birthday Party themes

Your little toddler is growing a year older. And you should celebrate this in grand style. But more importantly which theme should you decide on. Not something old and boring for sure. Why not something entirely new altogether. We present you the most innovative ideas in town for boy birthday party theme ideas which will leave you amazed.

  • Jungle Book themed party

Jungle Book themed party

It will be a great chance for the kids to go bananas! An animal themed cake, adorable accessories such as Sippycups, bow up toys and print sunglasses – all based on the theme would add a spark to the party. Adding a tunnel, beach balls, hula hoop and a kiddie pool would be a great idea for kids to play and run around.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean Party

Captain Jack Sparrow is here to save the day.You can let kids let their imaginations run wild with a Pirates of the Caribbean themed party for your child’s birthday. Items such as a flag shaped invitation, a creative pirate ship, decorative caskets, desserts and even telescopes to entertain the children.

  • European/ American themed party

Who doesn’t want to travel around the world? Pick your child’s favourite country/ city in Europe or America and organise a part based on the culture of that place. Australia would have kangaroos, wildlife, beautiful sunsets and barbeques.  An England themed party would have pictures of the London Eye, a tea party, the Queen and so on.

  • Harry Potter themed party

Who doesn’t love Harry?  This is a great chance to leave them in awe with customised wands, dresses and games.  Let them explore the world of Harry Potter and Alice in the Wonderland. Hire a magician to leave the kids enchanted. It is the perfect combination of fun and flair.

  • Superhero themed party

Superhero themed party

Every child has his favourite superhero – whether it is Batman, Spiderman or Superman- whom he wishes to emulate. Why not make them feel as special? Get creative with putting your child’s photograph at the top of the cake in a superhero costume. Assign a superhero to each guest at the party and encourage him to show off his powers.

  • MasterChef themed party

Children love food. What’s better than giving them a chance to make their favourite kind? Arrange tables and hire a professional to teach your kid to kid to make cookies, cakes, frosting and even pizza. This will go a long way in him learning about food. Make sure there are no sharp utensils around.



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